10 Less Known Features of FreeFire


Clash Squad mode: a 4v4 match where players purchase weapons and supplies before each round.

Pet System: players can bring pets into battle to provide extra buffs and abilities.

Bomb Squad mode: a game mode where one team plants a bomb and the other team attempts to defuse it.

Hayato character: a character with a unique ability to reduce frontal damage.

Customizable HUD: players can customize their on-screen buttons and controls for a personalized gaming experience.

Graffiti system: players can create and place their own graffiti in the game's map for others to see.

Ranked Matchmaking: players can compete against other players of similar skill levels in ranked matches.

Emote system: players can use emotes to express themselves and communicate with other players in the game.

Training Grounds: a map where players can practice their shooting skills and test out different weapons.

Weapon Skins: players can customize the appearance of their weapons with different skins and colors.