10 Hidden iPhone Security and Privacy Features You Need to Know About

Privacy Labels: Apple requires developers to disclose how they use your data through privacy labels, providing greater transparency and control.

Restricted Access: You can set up guided access to limit the access of others to specific apps and features on your phone.

Safari Privacy: Intelligent Tracking Prevention prevents advertisers from tracking your online behavior and collecting your data.

Encrypted Messaging: iMessage uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that only you and the recipient can read your messages.

iCloud Keychain: A password manager that securely stores your passwords and credit card information across all your Apple devices.

Screen Time: A tool that allows you to monitor and limit your own or your child's phone usage, including app usage and screen time.

Private Browsing: A mode that doesn't save your search history or cookies, and prevents websites from tracking your online activity.

Find My: A feature that allows you to track your device's location if it's lost or stolen, and remotely erase its data if necessary.

Face ID: Facial recognition technology that uses infrared sensors to unlock your phone, ensuring that only you can access it.

Two-Factor Authentication: An extra layer of security that requires a code in addition to your password to access your device or account.