10 Easy Steps to Find Music IDs for Roblox Games and Apps

First, search for the song you want to find the music ID for on the Roblox website or app.

Once you've found the song, click on it to open the song details page.

Look for the "URL" of the song in the address bar of your browser.

Copy the numbers after the "id=" in the URL, which is the music ID for that song.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party website or app that provides a searchable database of Roblox music IDs.

Open the third-party website or app and enter the name of the song you want to find the ID for.

Browse the search results until you find the song you're looking for.

Once you've found the song, copy the music ID provided on the website or app.

If you're using a third-party website or app, make sure it's a reputable source to avoid scams or malware.

Finally, paste the music ID into your Roblox game or app to play the song.