From crystal-clear rivers to picturesque villages, here are 10 of the most untouched and beautiful places to explore in Meghalaya.

Living Root Bridges

Cherrapunji - Natural bridges made of living roots that have been trained over years by the Khasi tribe.

Umiam Lake

Shillong - A serene and beautiful man-made lake surrounded by lush green hills.


Known as the wettest place on earth, Mawsynram receives the highest amount of rainfall in the world.

Dawki River and Umngot River

Dawki - Two rivers famous for their crystal-clear water and beautiful surroundings.

Nohkalikai Falls

Cherrapunji - A majestic waterfall that cascades from a height of 1,100 feet into a deep blue pool below.

Laitlum Canyons

Shillong - A scenic canyon offering breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Balpakram National Park

South Garo Hills - A wildlife sanctuary known for its rare and endangered species like clouded leopards and Asian elephants.

Sohra Eco-Park

Cherrapunji- A beautiful park with lush greenery, flower gardens, and scenic viewpoints.

Mawlynnong Village

Known as the "cleanest village in Asia," Mawlynnong is a picturesque village with beautiful gardens and charming houses.

Nongkhnum Island

West Khasi Hills - The largest river island in Meghalaya, located in the midst of the scenic West Khasi Hills.